Co-parenting the Garth Brooks way!

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix about Garth Brooks. The documentary covered details about Garth Brooks’ divorce. It was interesting to listen to the details about his separation and divorce from his first wife. I was shocked at how he and his first wife co-parented their children. As they both described their co-parenting arrangement, I shook my head and commented “this is so rare and never happens!” However, a person does not have to be Garth Brooks to have a positive co-parenting arrangement with the other parent. 

Essentially, Garth Brooks and his first wife agreed their children would see both parents in the morning and in the evening.  At first, I thought their schedule was complicated, but as I repeatedly listened to the schedule, I realized it was quite simple. Here was the schedule: the parent who did not have the children overnight would pick up the children in the morning at the other parent’s house and take them to school. After school, both parents attended the children’s activities and from there the children left with the parent who did not have them the night before and the children slept overnight with that parent. They followed this schedule for 14 years!

How did they make it work?

1. They lived near each other. 

During the separation, Garth Brooks and his first wife moved onto the same property but lived in different homes. Obviously, this type of living arrangement is much easier when you have the financial means. However, something similar can happen for other families. Both parents can live in the same neighborhood or same street or a short distance from the other parent or in the same school district. 

2. They focused on their children’s needs. 

Neither Garth Brooks nor his first wife used the word “I” when describing the schedule. Neither said this was what “I” wanted or what “I” needed. The entire conversation was focused on the children’s needs. What their children needed at that point in time. They both elevated the children’s needs above their own needs. I am sure it was not easy, and I am sure at times they may have questioned the arrangement. But they both came together for the benefit of their children and focused on what the children needed.

3. They had mutual respect. 

Respect the other parent. Garth Brooks and his first wife never said one negative comment about the other when discussing their separation and divorce. It was quit opposite. Garth Brooks described how he felt a new appreciation and respect for his first wife after the divorce. Respect the other parent’s emotions and needs and time. 

Anyone can have a positive co-parenting arrangement with the other parent if they try and really want it. Choose a divorce that is family focused and amicable!  

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