Is it possible to have a peaceful divorce?

Peace of mind…it is something we are all searching for, especially in a divorce. A divorce, by nature, is a stressful event. It evokes all kinds of emotions… fear, anger, sadness, disappointment, joy, relief.  The parties deal with some of the most stressful and emotional issues, i.e., money and children. While a divorce attorney cannot eliminate the stress, there are some ways to minimize the stress and to have a more peaceful divorce. 

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Co-parenting the Garth Brooks way!

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix about Garth Brooks. The documentary covered details about Garth Brooks’ divorce. It was interesting to listen to the details about his separation and divorce from his first wife. I was shocked at how he and his first wife co-parented their children. As they both described their co-parenting arrangement, I shook my head and commented “this is so rare and never happens!” However, a person does not have to be Garth Brooks to have a positive co-parenting arrangement with the other parent. 

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Marriage tips!

I gained a lot of personal perspective after many years of listening to my clients tell their stories. With every story I heard, I tried to take away something from the conversation. Something I could use in my own personal life and my own marriage. They say to learn from our own mistakes, but I think we can also learn from other’s mistakes too. Before I outline my marriage tips, I want to reiterate that I am not perfect. My husband is not perfect, and my marriage is not perfect. I do not always follow these tips. Marriage is work…hard work. Before you visit with a divorce attorney, consider these tips. 

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