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At J Lowe Law we believe broken marriages and families and relationships can be transformed through collaboration. We focus our services on settling the case, instead of litigating. Learn more below about why J Lowe Law is the best option for your legal representation!

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The firm’s attorney Jill Lowe has been practicing law for over 17 years, and exclusively in family law for over 15 years. She is licensed to practice law by the State Bar of Texas and The Florida Bar. Jill has handled a significant number of family law cases ranging from high-net worth divorces to custody disputes. She was board certified in family law in Florida for 5 years, which is the highest level of excellence an attorney can achieve. Jill’s experience not only includes collaborative cases but litigation as well. She has been representing clients in the collaborative process for over 10 years. Even though she now focuses her services on the collaborative process, from her past litigation experience, she knows what it takes to achieve the best outcome for her clients in their family law matters.

Different Approach

Jill Lowe chose to be an attorney because she wanted to help people. She specifically selected family law because this is the area of law where she could have the most positive impact on people. Jill’s approach is different than most other attorneys. Not only is she a licensed attorney, but she is also a certified life coach. She incorporates her life coaching skills and experience to provide her clients with a different experience. Jill is genuinely concerned for her client’s wellbeing, and she will do her best to help her clients focus on creating a new life after the divorce. Clients are people, not a matter number. Compassionate and caring best describe Jill’s approach.


At J Lowe Law, we are mindful of the fees charged and will do our best to keep the amount of fees charged in each case to a reasonable amount. Our clients are consulted with during the process and fully informed about the amount of fees incurred during the process. We focus on settling the case efficiently, instead of creating problems and prolonging the process.


At J Lowe Law, we respond to emails and phone calls. Clients speak directly to Jill Lowe, not a paralegal or secretary. Jill listens to her clients and does her best to help them achieve their goals. At J Lowe Law, we are not a high-volume firm, so our clients receive the attention they each deserve.


Jill Lowe’s parents are divorced, and so she can offer a different perspective (the child’s perspective). In addition, she experienced a life-changing event with her health years ago. The event was unexpected and forced change. Jill had to learn to adjust and adapt and transform through the process, much like divorcing spouses. Thus, she can empathize with her clients.

About Jill Lowe

Jill graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Legal Studies. During her last year at UCF, she interned with a large firm in downtown Orlando and that is where she found her life’s purpose. Afterwards, she attended law school at Stetson University College of Law and graduated cum laude. After taking a course in family law, she realized that she wanted to help individuals by representing them in family law cases.

Jill is a child of divorced parents and witnessed first-hand the affect conflict has on the family and the individuals. She learned nothing good comes from a high-conflict divorce. It wipes out the family finances and leaves the family torn apart and emotionally spent. After experiencing her own health issues seven years ago, she decided to turn away from litigation to focus on resolving disputes peacefully. There is a better way to divorce. It does not have to be a fight or a war. There are other options to the traditional litigation case, i.e., the collaborative divorce process or uncontested divorces or mediation.

Jill approaches each case differently… with a commitment to well-being and on healing the brokenness through collaboration. She draws upon her own personal experiences and legal experiences. She understands what it feels like to experience change and hurt and fear. Rise above the pain, anger, mistakes and disappointments. There is a better way!

Professional Achievements

Licensed to practice law in State of Texas, since 2019

Licensed to practice law in State of Florida, since 2004

Board Certified in Marital and Family Law by the Florida Bar, 2014 to 2019

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training, 2011 and 2020 

Advanced Collaborative Training, 2016

Member, Collaborative Divorce Texas

Current Chair, Collaborative Law Section of the State Bar of Texas


Super Lawyers, 2019, 2020

Rising Stars, 2009-2018

Professional Excellence Award, Next Generation Divorce, 2016

Professional Organizations

State Bar of Texas

Florida Bar

Collaborative Law Section, State Bar of Texas

Collaborative Divorce Texas

What is Collaborative Law?

Legal Process: Collaborative law is a structured legal process where the parties commit to settling their dispute out of court.  It is an alternative to going to court.  The collaborative process is voluntary and begins with both parties hiring collaborative attorneys and signing a participation agreement.    The attorneys work together as a team, instead of adversaries, to assist the parties in resolving their dispute.  The collaborative process is not limited to just divorces.  Often it has been used in custody disputes, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and modifications.    

Parties are in control In the collaborative process a series of meetings are scheduled.  The parties’ control when the meetings are scheduled, and the number of meetings.  Unlike the litigation process where the Judge controls the length of the case, the parties control the length of the case.  Further unlike the litigation process where the Judge decides the case, the parties decide how to resolve their case.  

Confidential:  The communications exchanged during the collaborative law process and the discussions that take place during the meetings are confidential and cannot be disclosed to any person who is not a participant in the collaborative law process.  This is a huge benefit to those parties who want to keep the finances and family matters private.  Unlike the litigation process where the public can attend hearings and view motions filed in the litigation case, the public cannot attend the meetings in the collaborative law process and no motions are filed with the court.  

Full Disclosure:  Transparency and honesty are the tenets to the collaborative law process.  Each party commits in the participation agreement to disclose all relevant information to the professionals and other party.  Thus, there is no hiding financial information from the other party.  All information must be fully disclosed so that each party is prepared to discuss settlement options.    

Family Focused:  Preserving relationships is the focus of the collaborative law process.  It is important for parties who have children together to be able to communicate with one another after the divorce.  The collaborative law process is the best option for preserving relationships.  In the process, the parties learn to communicate and work together to resolve their differences for the entire family.  Further, the family is shielded and protected in the collaborative law process from feeling the negative effects from litigation.

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